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HHI Bridge blog vs. HHI Bridge (Facebook) page

Earlier this year I decided to spend less time on administrative and governance activities of bridge and re-focus on studying, teaching, coaching, writing, and playing bridge, the technical activities of bridge.  As a result, I have been testing formats of two websites: this blogger website HHI Bridge blog ( and a Facebook social media page also called HHI Bridge ( each with the identifier "hhibridge". 

The blog has proven to be far more robust and lends itself more towards technical bridge writing - not only my observation, but unanimous among the feedback received from readers.   The Facebook page, as might be expected, lends itself to easier posting of newsy stuff such as notices of events, etc.  My plan going forward is to use both... The HHI Bridge blog will be a technical bridge page and the HHI Bridge page on Facebook will be a bridge media page ... I will try to link to two pages as best I can.  Thanks to everyone during this testing period, I hope you will continue to follow the format of your choosing.  And as always, feedback is welcome.

Fred Ferguson (fergusfe)

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