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0005 - Cuebidding Stayman

Cuebidding #001 – This is a lesson on cuebidding ... so what's a cuebid? While technically the cue bid (or cuebid) can take other forms, the most common form of a cuebid below game level is the bid of an opponent's suit. A cuebid is a forcing bid, requiring partner to take some action based on the context (point in the auction) of the cuebid.

This deal was played by Adele Newman and Norman Bloch August 2, 2014 Okatie Creek DBC.

Adele (South) opens 1 NT (15-17 hcp) and West makes a natural 2  overcall.

In everybody's little book on bidding agreements, 3  by Norm (North) should be a cuebid for the Stayman convention. The use of the cuebid after interference was part of the original Stayman convention and still retains its usefulness. Some partnerships, who play the Stolen Bids agreement after interference of 1 NT, might play 3  as Stayman, but then how would responder make an invitational bid in clubs - 3  is needed for natural bidding sequences but 3  is not. Adele's rebid of 3 NT is perfect – denies a 4-card major and (on-the-way to wherever this auction is going) shows a stopper in diamonds.

 So far so good ... So what is 4 

Well first ABNUF (any bid not understood is forcing) for one round.

Actually 4  is another cuebid asking Adele to "further define her hand". So Adele considers: partner is not interested in diamonds (the opponents bid diamonds), partner is not interested in clubs (partner could have bid 3  or even 4 ) and partner does not seem to be interested in notrump (or might have passed 3 NT), so 4  seems to be the best descriptive bid of Adele's hand – 3 NT already denied 4-spades, so now 4  only shows 3-spades.

With better values Norm can advance the bidding beyond 4  (with possibly another cuebid), but two cuebids has gotten the partnership to game. 

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