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Are Game Tries Alertable

 Below I posted the Find the Jack deal (posted here in its original form) where East/West, after finding an agreement in spades, East bids 3  ... so the question is "whether 3  is Alertable?" as some kind of game try. Yes? No?

The key is what are the partnership agreements regarding game tries ... as per Doug Grove/ACBL game tries come in three basic flavors -- long suit, help suit, and short suit. The first two are not Alertable, but the last one is Alertable.  A short suit is defined as two or fewer cards because anything longer is deemed a "suit".

If East/West are playing some generic version of help suit game tries or natural bid game tries (i.e., not short suit game tries) and holding  AKJ2 in clubs, 3  is not Alertable.

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